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  • 3rd Floor, Vasundhara Space, Aundh Pune,Maharashtra,India.
  • +91 8378970824

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WHO We Are?

Brief Background Excellence Dhyas Foundation is a social wing of The Excellence Group formed under the leadership of Dr. Naresh Bharde. It was on 15th November 2008 that the idea was conceptualized into a reality, with this social wing coming into existence. With our presence, we aspire to change the lives of millions. Our Foundation is blessed to have people who have a strong inclination towards social work and have the desire to do something for the underprivileged people. With this sole purpose, though from diverse backgrounds and cultures, they all came together and formed the social wing by the name “Excellence Dhyas Foundation”.

About the Program “Excellence Dhyas Foundation” works for the underprivileged section of the society. These are people who are neglected by the society and have been left over to lead their life in dismal. Initiated by the CMD of The Excellence Group Dr. Naresh Bharde, the foundation runs several programs for the benefit of unprivileged section of the society. These programs comprise support to orphan children for their education, arranging blood donation camps, capacity building trainings , etc. Another feature about the foundation is the “Excellence Dhyas Award” which is given annually to those who give their whole & soul for social cause. Serve NGO is another portal associated with us which acts as a one stop common platform for all the NGO's, volunteers and the Excellence Dhyas Foundations and connect them with each other. The basic idea behind this portal is to bridge the gap between the individuals who wished to contribute their limited time and energy to a cause but did not know the way to go for it.
How To Get Involved You too can make a difference to the society by joining hands with “Excellence Dhyas Foundation”. There are many who have devoted their life towards the underprivileged and have helped them to live with self respect. You can also lend your helping hand in the social cause as we are accountable to the society as we have got a lot for it. If you want to get involved in social cause then please register at www.servengo.org or contact us at +91 880 500 8403 or at dhyas@excellencegroupindia.com We are looking for people wanting to bring about a change in the society by transforming it socially. So, let's come together and bring about a positive change in the society!!! Join “Excellence Dhyas Foundation”

Our Vision & Mission

To serve 1000 NGO's by 2020 through capacity building, funding and recognition.

To create significant difference in NGO's and Individual volunteer's life by fulfilling their dreams through "Excellence".